Act! for Manfacturing

We are wrapping a project for a manufacturing company in Dallas that will dramatically increase their productivity.

Problem: For the last several years, the owners had the tedious task of keeping the sales reps current with pricelists.  Also, each sales rep kept their own database (some in Excel, some in Outlook).  Management was not able to monitor sales activity at all.

Solution: We implemented Act! v17 Premium and helped design a custom database and layout specific to their business.   The central database is on the server, and the people “in house” login directly over the network, while the sales guys that travel are set up to synchronize.   Having this one central database allows management to easily see and monitor sales, calls, meetings, follow-ups, etc.

To streamline the quoting process, we implemented QuoteWerks.  This allows everyone to access the same pricelists, and uniform quotes.  A feature they really like is that quotes can be “submitted for approval” before being sent.  
The last request they had was a common one…”I want to be able to find all the contacts within a certain radius of the one I’m meeting.”    There is a great tool from Durkin Computing that will do just that!  It’s actually part of a suite of products called Impact Suite v5.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to improve your efficiency with Act!.

Creating a quote in QuoteWerks. It will automatically create an opportunity and a follow up in Act!









Radius Mapping. All contacts within a 10 mile radius of the currently selected contact.

Act! 2014 Conference

I attended the 2014 Swiftpage Act! conference last week in Scottsdale, AZ, and it was with out a doubt, the best conference I have ever attended.  The content was outstanding and the opportunity to speak directly with management is incredibly valuable. We discussed the future of Act!: new features, new product options, and how the product can add more value to businesses.

Act! v17 is here and we are very excited about the future!