Garbage in, garbage out

You know the old cliche “garbage in, garbage out”?   Well, it absolutely applies to any database system that you may use.  Most databases/CRM are a two way flow of information.  You enter it into the database, then get it back out later as a letter, label, report, mail merge, etc.   I always reference a client from years ago that rarely used the “Address 2″ line in her database.  So, she would put personal information there, like kids names, hobbies, pets, etc.  Guess what happened when she went to print about 5,000 labels out of Act!  The label came out the exact way she entered the data:

Chris Huffman
1235 Main St.
Has two sons
Dallas, TX 75201

How do we prevent this?  The answer is having all users appropriately trained.  If each user is using the database correctly, and entering data is the same way, the output will be correct and accurate…reports, labels, mail merges, etc.  Another great example is understanding the difference between a note and history.  If half of your company inserts a note in Act! after hanging up the phone, while others insert histories, guess what?  Your reports will not be accurate!

The #1 way to increase your return on investment for your CRM is to provide training for the users.  Any CRM solution will fail if there is a lack of user adoption, and training will greatly improve user adoption.

We offer a variety of training options including private classes as well as public classes.  Our next public online class is scheduled for Tuesday, December 16th from 10am – Noon CST.  Please visit our training page to read more and to register.